Just wanted to say that I've got our visualization toolkit (visvis) running in Python 3, based on the current Bazaar head of pyopengl. I've got all our examples working on both Linux and Windows.

The only thing that doesn't feel right yet is that I have to pass the shading code as a str and names for uniforms as bytes. But I understood from Rob that this is on your todo list. 

Thanks for your support so far. Regards,

On 27 April 2012 15:43, Rob Reilink <r.reilink@science-applied.nl> wrote:
Hi Anthony,

We (Science Applied) are using Py3 with bzr head. I am on Mac OS X, Almar Klein is on Win32. It seems that the result of this bug was that only functions that are provided by extensions (or something the like) were influenced.

Almar is going to work on his visualization toolkit (visvis) to get that to work on Python3 (he just started and this bug was the first issue in PyOpenGL that he encountered). We do now have some of our test cases working, while others are not yet. The problem(s) may be either in visvis or in PyOpenGL, that is to be seen in the coming weeks (he's on holidays next week but he'll probably do some more testing/Py3 porting after next week)

Anyway, for now, I'll create a fork and a pull request.


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Op 27 apr 2012, om 15:04 heeft Mike C. Fletcher het volgende geschreven:

BTW, is anyone actively using a Python3 version with bzr head?  This bug
seems like it would make the whole thing a non-starter (if no function
will load, it doesn't seem anyone would get anywhere useful).  If we're
close, I'd prefer to get the major Python3 compatibility changes into at
least one beta release of 3.0.2 before we roll out a final.  I've got a
TODO sitting in my inbox for allowing unicode in GLchar*, but AFAIK
that's our only pending 3.x enhancement.  If we're a long way from
compatibility I may as well push a 3.0.2 beta and plan for 3.0.3 to have
Python3 compatibility.

Have fun,

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