Hi Henry,

Thanks for all the help. The CRT versioning discussion was a great read.

>> It seems that the gle32.dll packaged with PyOpenGL has this
>> dependency, so its this library that needs to be recompiled.

It also seems to be a fairly minimal change to remove the GLE
functionality entirely under Windows. Certainly, I won't be needing it.

Yes, I think I'll go this way too. I'll try to find whatever code requests this DLL to be loaded and nuke it. I just hope nothing breaks. 

It would still be nice being able to recompile this library and patch PyOpenGL. I found this other page using Google: http://brightideassoftware.com/GLE32Downloads.aspx but the source code is incomplete and I can't build it.

If anyone has the GLE32 code, please drop me a line.