Okay guys, I managed to get the GLE source code. It was found laying in a SourceForge project.


By default it builds as a static library. I ported the project to Visual C++ 9 (so it links against MSVCRT9.0) and tweaked it to build into a DLL file.

I've replaced the old and busted gle32.dll with this new DLL and my application no longer complains about missing the MSVCRT7.1 runtime.

Mike, would you agree on replacing the old DLL in the PyOpenGL source bundle with this one?


On Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 3:15 PM, Alejandro Segovia <asegovi@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Henry,

Thanks for all the help. The CRT versioning discussion was a great read.

>> It seems that the gle32.dll packaged with PyOpenGL has this
>> dependency, so its this library that needs to be recompiled.

It also seems to be a fairly minimal change to remove the GLE
functionality entirely under Windows. Certainly, I won't be needing it.

Yes, I think I'll go this way too. I'll try to find whatever code requests this DLL to be loaded and nuke it. I just hope nothing breaks. 

It would still be nice being able to recompile this library and patch PyOpenGL. I found this other page using Google: http://brightideassoftware.com/GLE32Downloads.aspx but the source code is incomplete and I can't build it.

If anyone has the GLE32 code, please drop me a line.