I represent the GRASS GIS open source development team. We are currently developing a new GUI for GRASS in wxPython. An important component is OpenGL access for multi-dimensional rendering of geospatial data. We currently do this in TclTk via TOGL.

As the person overseeing the GUI development, I’m trying to see what it takes to get the wxPython GLCanvas up and running. GRASS is strongly cross-platform, running on all common Linux flavors, Mac OSX (i.e., BSD Unix), and Windows. I’ve looked through the installation docs for pyOpenGL and don’t see any mention of Mac OS X. Can you tell me if anyone has it up and running on that platform?

I’m not a subscriber to this list, so could you reply to me directly? If I get a reply, I can check the archives to see if there are related threads too.

Thanks much
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