Hi guyz,

I need your help. After a day long process, I have finally completed a C++ pyopengl+glut project to python. Thanks for your help in making me move forward when I was stuck.

Now, I have made to the code line by line same, all variable names same & even the order in which functions are written (even comments copied :P) but still the code is not executing perfectly. 
So the issue is about converting C++ to python successfully.

Window0 ie left one doesnt load successfully, There is some problem of loading the windows..

Screenshot of the issue:- http://i.imgur.com/qDax9.png
C++ & python source code + images (SIZE 23KB) : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7728421/paint.tar.gz
C++ code (if you dont want to download): http://sprunge.us/JLOC?cpp
Python source (if you dont want to download): http://sprunge.us/IVdG?python

Error in console,

I have tried my best to explain the issue. Its probably a very small issue with textures variable acquiring None value but I am not able to solve the bug.
Please guyz help me making a working python clone of the code. I have to get this done till tomorrow somehow. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.

Abhijeet Rastogi (shadyabhi)