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when I use "print hits” I read the value 0.50000000016 for both min_depth, max_depth. 
For example, when I call “print min_depth, max_depth, names” l’output is:
0.50000000016 0.50000000016 [object_X’s name]
0.50000000016 0.50000000016 [object_Y’s name]
If I use GLdouble(min_depth or max_depth), I read 0.5000000001641532
I read always 0.50000000016 except when I draw objects very near. At that moment I read values like 0.49…, 0.48, …. etc. and min_depth != max_depth

It seems that Selection works only in range [0.2,0.5] where 0.2 is forced by gluPerspective(45, 1.0*width/height, 0.2, 2.0)


If you want I can send you my code but I will do it only if you are agree.

Yes, that might be helpful.  I'll fuss with it, and see what I can do.



Sorry if I write you no at sourceforge.net. It seems that I am not able to create a new account