Hello Hoy,

On Tue, May 11, 2010 at 12:01 PM, Jackson Hoy Loper <nbspcorp@loper.org> wrote:
It seems like the functions are there --

In [7]: OpenGL.platform.PLATFORM.GL.glGenBuffers
Out[7]: <_FuncPtr object at 0x10580b600>

but pyopengl doesn't see it?

In [8]: bool(OpenGL.GL.glGenBuffers)
Out[8]: False

Is my install broken?  Is this just not supported?  Running OSX
10.6.3, same results on System Python or on macports python.  Pyopengl
installed via easy_install.

Have you been able to get this to work? We've seen cases before where the functions can't be found because of trying to access them before creating an OpenGL Context.


Alejandro Segovia Azapian
Director, Algorithmia: Visualization & Acceleration