We noted that extension functions do not work properly in Py3 on Win32. The problem is that the function name is passed as a (unicode) str to Win32Platform.getExtensionProcedure (which is a static method referring to OpenGL.wglGetProcAddress), which is called from BasePlatform.constructFunction

The solution is of course to encode the the name, the question is where to do this?

I expect that all platforms that use getExtensionProcedure (those that have self.EXTENSIONS_USE_BASE_FUNCTIONS==False, i.e. Win32, GLX, OSMESA) have a function that expects bytes, not str. So I would propose to put
  pointer = self.getExtensionProcedure( as_8_bit(functionName) )
in BasePlatform.constructFunction.

Should I go ahead and implement this and create a pull request, or should this be implemented somewhere else?


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