Well, I can't explain why it can't find items in GLUT.py as the items directory should be right there in the same directory. However, you won't be able to run anything inside of the items directory because they don't do anything themselves - they are just helper files for the GLUT program. When you get GLUT.py running, you will find that you can bring up a popup menu that allows you to change the current shape to one of the shapes you found down in the geometry directory.

On 7/24/06, Francisco Vila <francisco.vila@hispalinux.es> wrote:

I am running Debian and have installed Python 2.4 and the python-opengl package.

When trying to run /usr/share/doc/python-opengl/Demo/suite/Glut.py that has the line:

        import items

the shell says: ImportError: No module named items

Also, trying to run any of the .py examples in

that have the line
        import items.GLUT.geometry

the python shell says:

        ImportError: No module named items.GLUT.geometry

What am I doing bad? thanks!

My version of the package is

Francisco Vila Doncel. Badajoz (Spain)

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