Hello, I am working on a special build of Python 2.7.3 to run the pizza.py package from Sandia National Laboratories. I am working on a DL585 machine with CentOS 5.2 operating system and Intel 11.1/059 compilers. The following packages are required to be installed in Python:


tcl/8.5.11, tk/8.5.11, Togl/2.0, PIL/1.1.7, PyOpenGL/3.0.1, pexpect/2.4, Pmw/1.3.2, NumPy/1.6.1, SciPy/0.10.1


Each of the packages was built from sources and installed according to the instruction on the pizza.py web page and import tests were done to verify the packages can be imported. This Python build was placed in the default path and several pizza.py examples were tried. Some of these use the “gl” tool which opens and works with OpenGL objects. These examples, however, fail as follows:


<type ‘exceptions.TypeError’> ‘NoneType’ object is not callable <traceback object at 0xdedaab8>

TypeError’> with value: ‘NoneTye object is not callable

error on line 31 of file ./test_cdata.py                                                                   g = gl(c)

error on line 182 of file …/pizza-21May12/src/gl.py                                                glutInit()

error on line 323 of file …/lib/python2.7/site-packages/OpenGL/GLUT/special.py             _base_glutInit( ctypes.byref(count), holder )


The file special.py comes from PyOpenGL 3.0.1 which installs it at this location in Python. It contains the definition for glutInit() as well as _base_glutInit() and __glutInitWithExit which appears to be defined as None except for nt platforms. The glutInit() definition provides default arguments when it is called with none.


So I am unclear what is causing the NoneType exception to be raised and what can be done to resolve the problem. Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks, Ed Wilkes