Nicolas, Miriam, and Ian,

Thanks for your responses.

Here's where I am so far...

At 04:15 PM 3/10/2010, Ian Mallett wrote:
I've been trying to install mencoder for a while--for some reason, the command line doesn't recognize "mencoder" as a program.  I thought I installed it properly.  Ideas?

I didn't try mencoder, so i have no info on that.
ImageMagick appeared to be primarily oriented toward still manipulation
with limited movie file creation features.

ffmpeg is very powerful with lots of parameters.
i was able to create mpeg files with the standard compression artifacts.
but i really need an uncompressed movie.
the ones i created with ffmpeg wouldn't play on windows media player or real player.
could have been a codec problem or any number of incorrectly set parameters.
didn't debug that any further.

went back to VideoMach.
contacted their tech support who said my problem was
a known bug they were working on.  in the meantime, they gave me a workaround and
i was able to create uncompressed .avi files totally under python control with this code:

arglist = ["slug", "/openfile = c:/images/*.bmp", "/savevideo = c:/movie.avi", "/start", "/exit"]
os.spawnv(os.P_WAIT, c:/Program Files/VideoMach/videomach.exe, arglist)

assumes all the input .bmp files are in the directory c:/images
and are successively numbered like:

hope this may be of help to someone...

Larry Cuba