On 11-11-06 11:31 AM, Maximiliano Guerra wrote:
Hi all, this is my first message in this list. Nice to meet you all.

I just started learning Computer Graphics. I'm studying in the http://www.arcsynthesis.org/gltut
It is very good for graphics concepts as well opengl, their code is in c++ but I'm wanting to do it with python.

So I'm tring to do the first tutorial (you can find the code here: bitbucket.org/alfonse/gltut) step by step and I ran in some problems with glGenBuffers.

In [1]: from OpenGL.GL import *

In [2]: buf = glGenBuffers(1)
NullFunctionError: Attempt to call an undefined function glGenBuffers, check for bool(glGenBuffers) before calling

Your code is attempting to call OpenGL-context requiring code without an OpenGL context (window).  Do the glGenBuffer and similar calls within a draw callback of your windowing system (e.g. GLUT).  You may also need to verify that your machine has a reasonably recent video card that supports modern OpenGL (but most do these days).


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