Hello Virgil,

You do know that recovering 3D coordinates from 2D images is not something you can *just* do. Getting 3D coordinates from an object using multiple cameras is hard enough if there is no extra information available. However, using software like artoolkit along with PyARTK bindings for artoolkit, allows you to detect a tag in an image. ARToolkit is able to give you an OpenGL matrix which decribes everything you need to put the camera in the correct virtual position. You can use this to augment the image with 3D objects that are positioned in the same way as they would be in the real world.

Without any extra information on what you have/need, it's quite hard to say if this would suit your needs though.

Regards, Gijs

On 2/26/10 11:38 , Virgil Stokes wrote:
I would appreciate it if someone could direct me to a Python user or link that could provide information on the following:

   Autocalibration of a camera for recovery of 3D coordinates from multiple 2D images

with the constraint that the code is based on Python [of course :-)]

--Thank you,
V. Stokes
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