Hi. I am new to OpenGL and PyOpenGL and am looking  for a way to build an interactive Python command-line driven STL viewer.  STL, or stereolithography data files, are composed of a sequence of
triangular face definitions (vertices and normals).  For example, I want to control  (interactively) which portion of the Faces/Normals arrays are visible by the GLdisplay() function.

glutMainLoop() when called from mymain.main() hangs the interpreter. Exiting from the GL window, also results in an interrupt of a Python session. is there a way around this?
I think the same question is this: Can glutMainLoop() be made reentrant. It appears that glutMainLoopEvent() from the freeglut library will allow me to do what I want. However my version of PyOpenGL lacks
a binding to this function. (i have PyOpenGL-

If there is a solution, I would appreciate some sample code.


-andrei starobin