Hello, this is my first message to the mailing list. I am using Python 2.6, PyOpenGL 3.0.1, Windows Vista 64,
and a NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+ graphics card with the latest drivers.

I am trying to use PyOpenGL in a forward compatible mode. I am new to OpenGL 3.x and I am finding
it very difficult to locate information about getting started. I have been piecemealing information
from the OpenGL specifications; However, I do not believe my PyOpenGL is setup correctly to be used
in this way.

My current problem is that I am receiving a NullFunctionError when attempting to call 
glGenBuffers. The documentation states that this method is not available if the OpenGL version is 
less than 1.5. I am not sure how to hook-up PyOpenGL for use with OpenGL 3.2. Do I need to compile
PyOpenGL myself? Is there a flag I can set to indicate which library files to use? Is this a result of an 
inappropriate context? What is the appropriate way to setup a forward compatible context in PyOpenGL?
I am using wxPython and its GLCanvas that implements a GL context. I am under the impression that
I need to create my own; However, I was having some difficulty following guides on using WGL as I found
some of the functionality not present in PyOpenGL. This is in reference to an AMD whitepaper in which
I could not locate the ARB create context extension or the PFN for creating context attributes, where
I think the specification mentioned one would set a forward compatibility mode if desired. 

Thanks for any help regarding these issues.