My name is Ben Decker,
I am the chief maintainer for PythonD, the Python DOS port. I have been working with Daniel Borca on the MESA project and we have a good working MESA 5.0.1/GLUT set of libraries that link well under DJGPP.
The potential is now very much there for bringing PyOpenGL to DOS. The main problem seems to be the GUI framework. We would need a module that uses *no* GUI framework, but rather calls the OpenGL routines directly. As PythonD is a single-process implementation, init() will change the display to rendering mode, and all PythonD stdout normally occurrs in the background until the graphics mode is terminated. There are naturally, several GLUT functions that have no DOS implementation (joystick stuff, etc).
PythonD already supports dependency-linked dynamic modules, so building the needed C libraries should be no problem.
How difficult/what would be the best way to:
1. Illiminate all GUI dependencies from PyOpenGL?
2. Stub the unavailable GLUT functions with placeholders?
I am not yet subscribed to this group, so please copy me with answers at
Many regards,
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