Hello all.
I'm writing a simple pong game in python, using pyOpenGL of course. I've got most of it down, but when I used glutKeyboardFunc to capture input from the keyboard, I encountered a problem: when a key is pressed and not released, instead of being called continuously (good), my callback function is called once, then there's a small delay, and only then is it called continuously (bad). I'm not especially knowledgeable about how the keyboard works, but this is obviously the same behavior as in a text box, when you press any key, it delays a bit after the initial press before generating more keypresses.
I've looked in the OpenGL and GLU reference, but none of them seem to have any functions that deal with keyboard input. GLUT doesn't seem to have any alternate way of checking keypresses, as in SDL, where you can check if a key is being pressed NOW, or stack up all key presses so that you can deal with them one at a time.
Is there any way to solve this from within OpenGL? Assuming that the answer to that is NO, I'm not exactly sure how to approach this problem: I've tried doing it through the various modules that come with python, no success there (not even a good lead). I've also tried finding other libraries or modules to do this with. It occurred to me that I could use SDL only for this part of my game, but I don't especially like the idea of importing all of it for only this small part that I can't seem to get around.
Portability is rather important, but if there's no single module I can use to read (what do you call this type of keyboard input anyway?) the keyboard in the desired way, a platform-specific solution would be helpful also, and the best would be one from within PyOpenGL itself.
Oh, and I've searched google for it for lengthy periods of time, and even found a thread about a guy who was making.. a pong game! Sadly, no one seems to have encountered this problem - or maybe they were not bothered by it - or maybe the solution is really obvious - or maybe this is all one giant hallucination (God is teasing me again). Either way, help would by appreciated.