I’m currently working on implementing a program for Free-Form Deformation using Bezier curves.  I *think* I have all of the pieces that I need to get this program functioning, but I’m definitely missing something.  Basically everything that is drawn to the screen is done so based on a given input mesh (say an airfoil).  Then, from this airfoil, a bounding box is found, and a list of control points is generated.  Then these control points are used to create a Bezier-based lattice.  


Now my problem is that I’m not sure when/where to draw the control points so that they are seen as separate entities that still tie in to the Bezier surface.  And, I’m not sure how to go about manipulating these points with my mouse.


BTW, I’m a newbie to both Python and OpenGL… what I’ve learned in the past 6 months, I’ve taught myself… :0)