#73 trackall.py is unusable

GL (74)

The trackball.py utility is unusable since it contains
several errors
conected with use of quaternion.py module and some
logic errors.
I've corrected all (?) of them and added support for
quaternion renormalization (renorm constructor
parameter). It works fine

The patch is attached to this report.

Pawel T. Jochym <Pawel.Jochym at ifj dot edu dot pl>


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Patch correcting trackball.py bugs

  • Mike C. Fletcher

    • assigned_to: nobody --> mcfletch
  • Mike C. Fletcher

    Logged In: YES

    Pawel, could you explain what version of the file you were
    diffing against? The version in CVS seems to have some of
    your changes, but not all of them, and the diff shows
    different formatting (e.g. of numbers) in a number of places
    which makes me think this may have been done against an
    earlier version?

    The patch looks fine to me, but this was originally Tarn's
    module, so I'm not spectacularly clear on what he was trying
    to do everywhere. Is there a particular test-case I can run
    to see what was wrong with the old version and how the new
    version fixes it?


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