Hi Everyone,

I'm not only new to pyode, but relatively new to phyiscs sim's in general.  I'm trying to create a 2d simulation of a bunch of balls bouncing off boxes and ramps.  So far I can get the balls and the boxes working using sphere's and boxes, however I've gotten stuck on the ramps.

As far as I can see trimesh is the geom I need to use, however I don't really understand how I'm supposed to structure my data.
The constructor requires a list of vertexes and a list of faces,  I'm guessing the vertexes are just 3d points, which i can handle (I just leave the third value at 0) but the faces I don't really understand.  are they normals?  do I need one for every pair of vertexes or every three vertexes? 

Is it going to extend from the center of the triangle to the specified point?

Are there any online tutorials / docs explaining this data structure and how I can go about setting it up manually?  Alternatively, are there any utilities floating around for creating tri-meshes in a GUI app and exporting the data to the pair of lists which I can then feed into pyode?

Thanks for taking the time to read,