Hi again,

I have installed Python 2.6.4 and tried to install PyODE on top. I have downloaded the PyODE-snapshot-2010-03-22.win32-py2.6.exe from the sourceforge and somehow got it working :))

But now funny things are happening. It looks like the GeomPlane is not functioning correctly, so that everything falls down forever. My "floor" has gone. The same exact code works OK in Python25, in 2.6, the rest seems OK for the moment (At least gravity is there, joints are working, bodies are working OK), but the floor is gone!?

Is it a collision detection problem, although for the remaining parts it seems to work ok. Bodies are mostly CappedCylinders (plus some spheres).

From Idle, I can see ode.GeomPlane is in there, but somehow it is not working OK.

I will check with some other programs, or simple geometries.

Thnaks for your work and support.


2010/3/23 Ethan Glasser-Camp <glasse@cs.rpi.edu>
alex@cimr.pub.ro wrote:
> I have tried to create a binary Win32 installer for latest PyODE snapshot.
> I am sure Kadir and others will find it useful.

This is awesome, thanks!

I have uploaded this, as well as tarballs taken from today's git, to the
files section of the sourceforge project:


I've elected to use a snapshot-ymd system, since at present the project
doesn't have "features" that are added in any regular fashion.

I also updated the project website with the git URL and links to the
most current files.

> Since I'm a beginner in creating Python packages, I have two small issues:
> 1. The installer copies "ode.dll" to c:\python25. Is this a problem?
> I believe it should be copied into "site-packages" instead, but I did not know
> how to
> specify this in setup.py.

No idea here, sorry..

> 2. The examples are copied into c:\python25\pyode-examples. Is there a better
> choice?

I wouldn't include them at all, frankly.

> 3. When installing the binary package to a fresh Python directory, tutorials 1
> and 3
> work fine; the others need pygame and maybe cgkit. Is there a way to specify
> these dependencies in the binary installer?

I think it's fine to leave these out -- not all people who use ODE are
going to want to use it with Pygame.

> I have added examples and ode.dll as "data_files" in setup.py. I would also like to
> see the setup.py which created the releases from pyode.sourceforge.net (1.2.0).

I would guess that the setup.py in the source tree is the one they used,
but I have no idea.


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