The GL related error is a typo in tutorial 3.
There is a "glScale", and should be "glScalef" or glScaled".
...see here:

On Jan 21, 2008 11:26 PM, tim rau <> wrote:
Hi! I've already posted about an issue with tuorial
3,but it seems to be an openGl issue, rather than an
Ode issue.

Skipping around it, I've decided to use the turorial
code anyway, putting the stuff from the tutorial into
my own code. Collisions appear to be detected
normally, but there is an issue with the callback. I'm
not sure where to go, or what direction to search in.
The docs at haven't proven useful in that
regard. Please take the time to help me, or at least
point me towards help.

Here's the exception stuff whenever I fly my ship into
the asteroid:

Exception exceptions.AttributeError: "'ode.Contact'
object has no attribute 'setBound'" in
' ode.collide_callback' ignored

Exception exceptions.AttributeError: "'ode.Contact'
object has no attribute 'setBound'" in
'ode.collide_callback' ignored

Exception exceptions.AttributeError : "'ode.Contact'
object has no attribute 'setBound'" in
'ode.collide_callback' ignored

It does that every frame until I fly out of it again.

Here's my loop code:


Heres the code that is part of my main loop:


If all else fails:
rm -rf /

Windows error: OMFG THERZZ AN ERRROR!!111 WTF??!?!?!
Linux error: Hello there, you have an error. Here's a detailed list of
what's gone wrong and here's how to fix it. Would you like some coffee?

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