I’ve been using PyODE and run up against some issues.


1) Initially I was using version 0.35 – which was running fine in the python environment I’m using (which is part of a 3d app – which has a Python22 interface).  However I needed Trimeshes, so moved to version 1.1, which does not work in the python environment, due to the environment not defining True and False.  Is there a way I can define True and False before calling the ode methods?  I tried setting ode.True = 1 in my python app, however that didn’t work.


2) The obvious solution to 1) is to recompile PyODE, changing the True/Falses to 1/0’s.  However, when I recompile, it is compiling within including the ODE library (ie. It is requiring the ODE.DLL be present in the python\lib\site-packages directory.  Also, the resulting pyd doesn’t work correctly.  For example, recompiling PyODE0.35 results in my Y cords being given as a result of body.getPosition.  And recompiling 1.1 results in collision detection failing.  So, can anyone give me a hint as to how to recompile PyODE to include the ODE.LIB in the pyd (ie. So it doesn’t need to call ODE.DLL).


3) I have some static objects in my scene.  To keep them in place, I am attaching those objects to ode.environment with a FixedJoint.  The objects are rotated (prior to the SetFixed call), however after a call to world.step, body.setRotation returns an identity matrix (so the are “un-rotating”).


Thanks for any help you may be able to give.