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Installation instructions for all systems


- Python v2.2 (or higher)

- ODE 0.7

- Pyrex 0.9.3 (or higher)
  This is only required for PyODE development; you don't need it to install
  and run PyODE.


The package uses the Python distutils, so you can build it by calling

  python setup.py build

and install it by calling

  python setup.py install

which installs the package on your system.
See the "Installing Python Modules" manual inside your Python documentation
or at http://docs.python.org/inst/inst.html if you want to customize the
build process or the target location.

Note: It is assumed that the ODE library is already compiled and installed
somewhere on your system. The setup script will try to find the ODE
installation on your system by trying several common locations. However, if the
installation can not be found, you will have to modify the setup.py script and
add the appropriate paths.