On 30 Jan, 2011, at 21:38, Scott Harris wrote:

I'm trying to compile and run the graphlaughs example from big nerd ranch.


However, when I build the project they setup.py script fails here:

from PyObjCTools import XcodeSupport

Has this gone away? Why? 

Also, I've noticed that older PyObjC projects tended to follow the pattern of starting up via python and 
now the XCode templates have a main.m that instantiates a python interpreter and loads the .py files.

1. Why did things change?

Xcode's code completion and other tools don't work when the project doesn't have an Objective-C file in it.

2. What's the easiest way modify the graph laughs example and get it up and running? Have the changes to PyObjC made its approach

The link to that example doesn't work for me right now. 

That said, I tend to use py2app to create application bundles and don't use Xcode for Python development at all because for a Python developer Xcode is just a basic editor with a lot of junk (said junk is  very usefull when writing Objective-C, but most tools in Xcode don't understand code that isn't [Objective-]C[++]