On 17 Nov, 2012, at 2:41, Kunal Parmar <kunalparmar@gmail.com> wrote:

The problem was argv_emulation.

I had argv_emulation set to True. When I double click the app in Finder, my app shows up in the Dock and the Status Bar. But neither the window nor the alert shows up. When I click on the Dock icon, then both of them show up. Here's a link to the entire project and a build that does not work: https://cloud.box.com/s/tuzakq025ab7t49geoh9

That links requires a password.

Thanks to Ronald, I looked through an example and found that argv_emulation was not set at all. I set it to False and my app behaved as expected.

Is this a known issue?

No, argv_emulation should work fine. However: it is also not very useful for applications that use PyObjC.

Argv_emulation is a hack for using cross-platform scripts: it starts a temporary eventloop to intercept file-open events, adds those files to sys.argv and finally starts the actual script. With PyObjC you can use the regular Cocoa mechanism for this (such as the application:openFiles: selector on the application delegate).


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