I would like to clarify... The error from attempting to use the package building command is actually due to the fact that there is no longer a /usr/bin/nidump (sh cannot find it).

On Jan 29, 2008 5:02 PM, Bruce Lichtenstein <lichtenstein@gmail.com> wrote:

I have written a simple program which has been a pain to compile properly; that is to say, when using x-code it compiles to a small (500 kB) not self-contained application that crashes on opening on every system that does not have pyobjc installed. I have gotten it to work stably on two systems running Leopard and pyobjc, and figured out how to get a setup-file to create what should be a universal binary (now ~12 MB). Unfortunately, it fails to open on 10.4 systems, raising an error about _class_addIvar being missing after being called by _objc.so (dynamically). 

The only reference I have found for the _class_addIvar related to 10.4 and pyobjc is the objc-runtime-compat.h file. I don't know how to either force this file to be compiled with the program or properly change my objc function calls. I tried the recommendation in the header, but unfortunately, for some reason, this brings up an error related to the undefined nature of PyObjC_ functions.

I suspect that my pyobjc installation is incomplete (particularly since I have no PyObjC folder created after the installation ends -- attempting to use the python setup.py bdist_mpkg --open command brings up the same 'ValueError: group admin not found' on both of my computers before it terminates. The sh install file seems to work (with large numbers of errors (on an Intel iMac) or failures (on a PowerBook)) and has gotten me this far...

Any and all help will be appreciated,

Bruce Lichtenstein