Thank you for the info... I spent far too much time getting nowhere... I do have a question though, I am running this using the default python with tiger (which is 2.3).  Would the equivelent python 2.3 code be:

class bla:
    def openPanelDidEnd_returnCode_contextInfo_(self, panel, returnCode, contextInfo)
    openPanelDidEnd_returnCode_contextInfo_ = objc.signature(openPanelDidEnd_returnCode_contextInfo_, 'v@:@ii')

On 4/10/06, Ronald Oussoren <> wrote:

On 10-apr-2006, at 0:19, Parrish Myers wrote:

>     def openPanelDidEnd_returnCode_contextInfo_(self, panel,
> returnCode, contextInfo):
>         seldir = ()
>         if (panel.filename()):
>             seldir = panel.filename()
>         self.filePathField.setStringValue_(seldir)

The problem is that openPanelDidEnd_returnCode_contextInfo_ has a method
signature that cannot be guessed correctly by our heursitics: not all
arguments are objects and the method isn't inherited from a parent class
or defined in a protocol. This means you'll have to tell PyObjC the
right signature, which is done using the code above if you're using
python 2.4.


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