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* added support for isolated (not connected) nodes in SIF format. Now SIF, NET and GML formats support direction, and isolated nodes.
* added NX2netconv() method (complementary to netconv2NX()).
* filter option in importSIF(). Now it is possible to import only selected interaction types.

Posted by Marcio Rosa da Silva 2005-08-30


fix in pajek module and new windows installer

Posted by Marcio Rosa da Silva 2005-08-22


- renamed to and is now installed as a script.
- pajek filter supports directed and undirected graphs.

Posted by Marcio Rosa da Silva 2005-08-16


now pyNetConv uses distutils to make easier to install it.

Posted by Marcio Rosa da Silva 2005-07-13


Functions to import/export network as a list added.

Posted by Marcio Rosa da Silva 2005-07-08


- lots of bug fixes
- string attributes are now quoted in pajek and gml exports
- the group "Line" in GML files is now ignored. It shold be
fixed later.
- '&' is changed to '&' in GML export. More characteres
need to be added
- Id's from nodes are added in the import and stored in the
Node class
- info about nodes from/to are added. This way, one can have
information about number of edges conected to the node
- Empty columns are not imported in expression anymore
- substitution of spaces by "_" in the labels of the expression

Posted by Marcio Rosa da Silva 2005-05-20


- Affymetrix tab separated file importer (for expression data)
- fix in Pajek filter: now it reads Arcs and Edges
- Some modifications in the GUI
- instead of a Convert button, now there is a Import and a Export button
- attributes to be exported are now selected from a dialog
- GUI includes conversion of expression data
- from Affy TSV files
- to Cytoscape attributes
- to Cytoscape expression data... read more

Posted by Marcio Rosa da Silva 2005-04-25

v0.7 is out!

pyNetConv has now a GUI to make easy simple conversions without the need of creating some script in Python to use the library.

Posted by Marcio Rosa da Silva 2005-04-19

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