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pyNeighborhood moves to Launchpad

The Project pyNeighborhood moves for servereal Reasons to Launchpad:

Posted by Anonymous 2009-01-20

pyNeighborhood maintained again!

pyNeighborhood is maintained again.

Details follow!

Betz Stefan

Posted by Anonymous 2008-03-14

pyNeighborhood unmaintained

Hello everyone.

As you probably noticed the pyNeighborhood development has stalled. There are several reasons for that. The main reason - I don't have access to samba network anymore, thus it the project I don't use myself. I can't make an appropriate testing, can't test patches as it should be done etc. Unfortunately it the usual fate for in fact one man project...

Also currently I have some more ideas, and thay take all my leisure time. Together with the chronical lack of time it makes me keep off from the pyNeighborhood.... read more

Posted by Mykola Lynnyk 2007-11-25

Some notes concerning documentation

I've received some requests to provide proper documentation on pyNeighborhood. I'm working on it. But before I release it is possible to read some general notes here:

For Xubuntu users:

Posted by Mykola Lynnyk 2007-02-26

pyNeighborhood-0.4 released

Well, it works!

Posted by Mykola Lynnyk 2006-12-21

pyNeighborhood-0.3 released

After almost a year of silence the next release of pyNeighborhood is ready.

Posted by Mykola Lynnyk 2006-10-23

Development problems

For personal reasons I will be unable to develop pyNeighborhood for some monthes. But if you are interested in this project you may submit patches or even fork it.

Posted by Mykola Lynnyk 2006-01-18

pyNeighborhood-0.2 released

pyNeighborhood-0.2 released. Download it from on the downloads page.

Posted by Mykola Lynnyk 2005-12-09

pyNeighborhood-0.2rc1 released

Look at Changelog and go download it.

Posted by Mykola Lynnyk 2005-10-09

pyNeighborhood-0.1 released

Major functionality improvements and major bug fixes.

Posted by Mykola Lynnyk 2005-09-17

pyNeighborhood 0.1pre3 released

The only purpose of this release was to add an installation scripts. An installaton scheme will leave unchanged in next releases. Also I've fixed "pyNeigborhood" in file name to the proper "pyNeighborhood":)

Posted by Mykola Lynnyk 2005-05-28

pyNeighborhood-0.1pre2 coming soon

Next developer release of pyNeighborhood is coming. It includes major bug fixes and improved functionality. You may look at a preview screenshot at

Posted by Mykola Lynnyk 2005-05-24

First developer release is ready

This realease may be not very easy and pleasant to use. But, well, it just the beginning.

Posted by Mykola Lynnyk 2005-05-05