Hello all
I have an 8 node MPICH2 cluster that the basic tests ( mpiexec -n 8 hostname, mpiexec -n 8 cpi and mpiexec -n 8 hellow) all work normally  I've installed pyMPI and it runs when called as $pyMPI on all 8 machines.  However when I run $mpiexec -n 8 pyMPI or mpirun -np 8 pyMPI no prompt, '$' or '>>>', is returned.  When I query each node '$ssh <node> ps -e | grep py' they all return pyMPI as an active process.  I've let the command sit for the better part of an hour with no response.  The same thing happens irrespective of values given to -n.  The use of machinefile likewise has no impact.
Any ideas?
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