Where is the best place to look up the complete list of pympi routines and arguments? I realised that I've been missing some like mpi.synchronizedWrite, which may not be in the C version of mpi. Do I have to look in the source code, or is there somwhere else I can look?
Julian Cook
Majority of pyMPI routines listed here, without args:
mpi. allgather, mpi.allreduce, mpi.barrier, mpi.bcast, mpi.cancel, mpi.cart_create, mpi.comm_create, mpi.comm_dup, mpi.comm_rank, mpi.comm_size, mpi.communicator, mpi.deltaT, mpi.finalize, mpi.finalized, mpi.free, mpi.gather, mpi.initialized, mpi.irecv, mpi.isend, mpi.map, mpi.mapserver, mpi.mapstats, mpi.name, mpi.procs, mpi.rank, mpi.recv, mpi.reduce, mpi.scan, mpi.scatter, mpi.send, mpi.sendrecv, mpi.size, mpi.synchronizeQueuedOutput, mpi.synchronizedWrite, mpi.test, mpi.test_cancelled, mpi.tick, mpi.version, mpi.wait, mpi.waitall, mpi.waitany, mpi.wtick, mpi.wtime, mpi.WORLD, mpi.COMM_WORLD, mpi.COMM_NULL, mpi.BAND, etc..