I don't remember any prior discussion of using pympi with rocks, so you may be the first to try this.

1. Usually pympi is located in the same directory as the python executable is, as long as mpirun can find it there.
2. I took a quick look at the Rocks documentation. It seems that this comes under "Adding packages to compute nodes"?
3. If so, then pympi would need to be part of an RPM, since the Rocks clusters appear to be updated by distributing the RPM's out to each node
4. pympi has never been distributed as a binary, so I don't think it's ever been available as an rpm, but you could definitely find someone who knows how to create one.
5. Once you have an rpm, it needs to be placed in the contrib directory tree and named in the extend-compute.xml file as a new package. After this the distribution is rebuilt.
6. If you are already distributing the contents of the /usr/bin and python directories, you could just place pympi in /usr/bin or wherever python is located and it should work (I think).

Let me know if you agree with this


Julian Cook

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Subject: [Pympi-users] Where to install pympi in ROCKS cluster???

Hi !
I've been installed pyMPI on a non rocks cluster, but now I need to install over a Rocks Cluster, but i dont have idea where to install and which are the parameters to use with "./configure" . Perhaps pympi-users had been installed and could help me.
Thanks a lot.
PD: Mr. Patt Miller, finally could you install pympi with mpich2 ???

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