cable - 2012-06-08

I work on a platform with the PBS batch scheduler.  I got a successful run of pyMPI code writing a bash script that runs the pyMPI code with a call to mpirun.  Now, here's my question:  I guess I could replace the bash script with a python (or, better yet, pyMPI) script.  But at some point in the script I'm going to have to call mpirun or something like it.  The only way I know to do it from a python/pyMPI script is to call a subprocess or something that can then call mpirun.  Seems a shame to step out of pyMPI into the shell, and then back into pyMPI.  Is there a more direct, pyMPI-only solution?  Thanks.

Also, it seems like right now the documentation on pyMPI is a bit sparse.  At least, I can't find much.  Can anyone point me to some good docs?  Thanks again.