pyMPI and Open MPI

  • Luigi Paioro

    Luigi Paioro - 2009-02-04

    Dear pyMPI developers,

    I've compiled pyMPI with Open MPI libraries. Everything seemed to work properly, but when I import mpi module I result in this error:

    Python 2.5.1 (pyMPI 2.5b0) on linux2
    Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
    >>> import mpi
    pyMPI_init.c: 482 Assertion version == MPI_VERSION && subversion == MPI_SUBVERSION failed at line 482

    What's the problem?

    Can you give me a hint?



    • Julian Cook

      Julian Cook - 2009-02-06

      I sent an earlier reply, but in any case MPI_VERSION and MPI_SUBVERSION are actually found in mpi.h, in the the MPI include files, not in pympi itself. This suggests (I think) that pympi is checking that the mpi version found (open mpi in your case) is a compatible version and failing. This does not mean pympi will not run, it just does not recognise the MPI version it is being asked to interface with. You would have to recompile to remove the assert I think and then hope for the best


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