#67 Parts of selection algebra don't work anymore


Quoting http://bugs.debian.org/549269:

While checking older scripts (that used to work with the 1.1
release), I found that selection algebra does not work properly
anymore -- or at least did change significantly.

Before, if you had defined two objects, say: petite_SU and
grande_SU, you could say:

show cartoon, (petite_SU+grande_SU)

Now, it fails with the error:

PyMOL>show cartoon, (petite_SU+grande_SU)
Selector-Error: Invalid selection name "petite_SU+grande_SU".
( petite_SU+grande_SU )<--

It's quite painful, as it renders obsolete most of my dozens of
pymol scripts...

Is that a bug, or a documented choice from upstream ?

Meanwhile, I'm downgrading to stable version (means: 1.1).

Can you comment on this please?


  • Warren L. DeLano

    + has always been a legal character in object names, but there was an unfortunate bug in the parser that allowed its use as an operator in versions < 1.2.

    show cartoon, (petite_SU+grande_SU)

    # should still work fine with spaces:

    show cartoon, (petite_SU + grande_SU)

    # without parentheses

    show cartoon, petite_SU + grande_SU

    # or even as

    show cartoon, petite_SU grande_SU

  • Daniel Leidert

    Daniel Leidert - 2009-10-02

    Many thanks. I've forwarded your explanation to the bug reporter. Closing this entry then.

  • Daniel Leidert

    Daniel Leidert - 2009-10-02
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