It's a bit ugly but you can do get_view and then change the values of elements 12-14 to be the coordinates you want to center on and paste the result into a set_view command.  This could be done easily enough in a little python script:
def centCoords( x,y,z):
   v = list( cmd.get_view() ) #convert to list 'cause can't assign to sequence from get_view
   vl[12:15] = x,y,z              #remember that slices don't include 2nd index!
   cmd.set_view( v )
cmd.extend( "centCoords", centCoords )  #add centCoords to the set of pymol commands
Maybe there's an easier way but I think this works.

>>>  Björn Kauppi  <> 9/18/2006 4:46:10 AM >>>
Hi all,

How do I center at a specific coordinate? Can not find any obvious way, by searching the web and manuals.


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