It would be great if pymol had support for constructing and displaying a supercell:

For data files that support crystallographic information, e.g. pdb, pymol can already display the unit cell (show cell). It would be great if one could easily display multiple copies of the unit cell, along the lines of

supercell 1,1,2

where pymol would then copy the unit cell along the c-axis and display 2 unit cells.

supercell 2,2,2

would display 2 copies along the a, b, and c axes, and display 8 unit cells in total.

As a related request it would be great if pymol could construct a unit cell in case the crystallographic information in the input file does not exist. This could come in handy for instance when reading from xyz. Maybe a command such as

construct_supercell a=10.2, b=10.2, c=15, alpha=90.0, beta=90, gamma=90

would construct a cubic cell with dimensions axbxc.