you can try to use a "pick-color tool" of corel draw.. I am not sure what it is actually called in corel, but you might be able to pick the exact colors with that tool...


On Wed, Mar 5, 2008 at 2:17 PM, Patrick Loll <> wrote:
I'm making a figure that contains both an actual molecular representation (from PyMOL) and a simplified cartoon representation of the same complex (made in a graphics program, in this case CorelDraw). I want to match the colors between the two parts of the figure (or at least get close). However, while I can get a decent match for primary colors (red, yellow), for colors like magenta, cyan, light green, and purple, I can't get anywhere close--the colors in the PyMOL picture are rich and vibrant, while my best attempts to match them in CorelDraw are VERY far off and dull and nasty.

Any ideas?  E.g., can someone point me to the RGB or CMYK mappings for the different colors used in PyMOL? I can choose any RGB or CMYK combination for a color in CorelDraw, so perhaps this will help.  Other pointers from folks who are more graphically savvy are also welcome.




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