I'm writing a script in Python to be executed in PyMOL. Unfortunately I got stuck right at the beginning, when I'm trying to load .pdb's from "converged.nam" file. The relevant bit of the script is the following:

from pymol.cgo import *
from pymol import cmd

loadedStuff=open("converged.nam", 'r')
linie = loadedStuff.readlines()
for n in range(len(linie)): linie[n] = linie[n][:-1]
for n in range(len(linie)): print n, linie[n]
for n in linie: cmd.load(n,n)

Unfortunately, it is not working - I keep on getting:

0 compstatin.pdb_14
1 compstatin.pdb_72
2 compstatin.pdb_91
3 compstatin.pdb_93
4 compstatin.pdb_78
5 compstatin.pdb_34
6 compstatin.pdb_32
7 compstatin.pdb_7
8 compstatin.pdb_47
9 compstatin.pdb_31
10 compstatin.pdb_5
ExecutiveProcessPDBFile-Error: Unable to open file 'compstatin.pdb_14'.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/pymol/modules/pymol/parsing.py", line 407, in run_file
  File "align.py", line 8, in ?
    for n in linie: cmd.load(n,n)
  File "/usr/local/pymol/modules/pymol/importing.py", line 575, in load
    if _raising(r): raise pymol.CmdException
CmdException: <pymol.CmdException instance at 0x56fdc6cc>

When I manually form a list containing all the compstatin entries than it is working, so it must be something with how it processes the list which it gets from the file. I can't really understand why that is so, especially given how it correctly pronts out the content of the list that captures the content of the file. I am obviously making some silly mistake here... any suggestions?

Thank you,
Mateusz Maciejewski


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