Hello all

I am making stereo image for the publication purpose. I am going through this procedure. I save both left and right stereo images from the pymol.i use microsift power point bring them ~63mm closer irrespective of their size and save them as a image file.Then i use photoshop to label them and save them as per the journal requirment DPI. problem comes in the photoshop. i cannot maintain the size, DPI as well as stereo image distance simulatneously. Since, 63mm distance should be maintaned for the stereoimage then i have to compromise with DPI or the image size. If i amintain the stereo distance and DPI then i have to compromise with the size. or If i maintain the size and stereo distance then i have to compromise DPI. can anyone help me?  How to maintain all stereoimage distance as well as DPI and image size as the journal requires.  
I would greatly appreciate the help.
Thanks in advance