Once can see the current state of a multi-state object on the bottom right corner of a PyMOL window. How do get get the state number programatically? I cannot find a command that will return the current state of a multi-state object. I need the state information in order to save the current state into a SD file. Using "save test.sdf,selection=abc,state=-1" saves the first state of an multi-state object even thought the documentation states that using "state = -1" will save the current state. Using "save test2.sdf,selection=abc,state=6" does correctly saves the current state, which is 6. It would be great if some one can tell me how to get state via command line or a pymol script.

What is interesting is that  "save test.pdb,selection=abc,state=-1" works. I think there is a bug in saving to a sd file. It would



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