Hrrrm... What if someone made the same argument to Guido back in 1991, "This whole Python hobby is cool and all, but unless your time is worthless, use Perl"?  :)

Thanks to Savvas for the config! I've been meaning to try quad-buffered stereo in linux, now it's a bit easier. I looked at that Xorg config file, there really isn't anything that exotic in there, but I know how tricky it can be to find "that one" undocumented switch somewhere. However, for people used to Linux, it's nothing that weird.


On 5/18/07, DeLano Scientific <> wrote:

Thank you for aggregating and posting that information.  Just so everyone
knows, it is possible to do this on a CRT/LCD-dual-headed Mac Pro with the
Quadro FX 4500 graphics card.  Having recently set this up for myself, I can
attest to the fact that "it just works" without mucking with config files.

However, the Mac price is signficantly higher because Apple only offers a
high-end stereographics solution -- nothing but the best, I guess.  Thus, in
bottom-line terms:

If you have more time than money, lean toward the Linux-based solution.

If your time converts to money, then weigh acquisition costs vs. management

If you have more money than time, then lean toward a Mac-based solution.

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> Dear colleagues:
> we would like to thank Carsten Schubert, Karin Fritz-Wolf and
> Oliver Einsle for reaching out to help us with our
> configuration of CRT/LCD dual monitors using an Nvidia FX3500
> under RHEL4. We have now been able to come up with a
> Xinerama-based configuration that works really well. Our
> configuration provides an extended Desktop between the two
> monitors (the CRT is the login
> console) on which we can drag windows back and forth without
> compromising stereo-capability/quality. Working with two
> screens is admittedly quite nice!
> I attach an annotated version of our xorg.conf in which I
> provide information and comments via a header and via
> additional remarks here and there, hoping that fellow-novices
> in dual-monitor configuration will find it useful.
> Best wishes
> Savvas
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