hmmm....most likely the IR emmiter is connected to the v-sync on the SVGA port w/t Active3D/OpenGL interperter software to produce the left eye/right eye images.
Some of the ones like this one that i have seen only works with Active3D based software.  AND not all active3d software will work.  (ditto w/t OpenGL)

LCD monitors?  My understanding is that 3D "works" with LCD just get A LOT of ghosting.  its a physics thing....  the hack would be to delay the shutters in the glasses to match the slow pixel-flip of the LCD monitor.  a marketing hack would be to list only the newer LCD monitors with the faster pixel-flip rate as the ones "that work".

Last time i looked at these, they all had an issue with keeping track of which eye was being displayed.

i'm always looking for cheaper alternatives to the StereoGraphics equipment.  So, if anyone else has some other suggestions, feel free to list them.

MK wrote on 08/23/2005 08:11:39:

> Hi,
> I would like to know if someone tried these glassesunder windows/linux.
> They are cheap and should work with non-pro graphics card and LCD (??).
> Thanks to share your experience.
> Mathieu Coincon
> Graduate Student
> Universite de Montreal
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