Dear all,

I was using stereo on a SGI octane2 but would like to switch to my powerbook G4.
I did not find good help neither in google nor in this list, to make it work. 

The powerbook G4 runs tiger (10.4.7) and has a ATI mobility Radeon 9600 graphic card.

 I got the Mac stereoenabler from stereograophics connected in between the DVI-VGA adapter and the VGA plug of a 21" SGI CRT screen. The 3 pin stereo mini din from the enabler is connected to a Z-screen2000i.

I understand that the stereo signal relies on a blue-line code, but did not find the good settings to make it work with MacPymol 0.99rc6.

So basically, how to make it work? should I use pymol in full screen mode? should I use mirroring mode for both screen (internal LCD + 21" CRT) ? Is there a special version of pymol to trigger the stereo mode with the blue-line code?

Any help greatly appreciated,



Florian NACHON, phD           CRSSA Grenoble, France

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