Is anyone using the Nuvision 60GX stereo glasses with FireGL Z1 or QuadroFX 500 cards under linux?  Or any other non-nVidia card which supports quad-buffered stereo but doesn't have a mini-din connector on-board (i.e., not the 256 Mb FireGL X1).  It would be nice to avoid the problems with the nVidia stereo drivers, but I'd rather not buy the FX1000+/FireGL X1 level card, and FireGL2/4 are getting old (and hard to find).  The Nuvision guys told me that their VGA passthrough (the -100 model, not the -NSR model), picks up the stereo sync from nVidia cards coming through the 15-pin VGA connector.  Is this signal present on ATI cards (or even on dual-DVI-I output cards)?
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