Hi Gilleain and Andreas,

This is what I use to save information about the image.  I redefine the png command.

from pymol import cmd
import os
import re
import string
import selector

def __init__(self):

def mypng(fname, quiet=1):
r = 1
format = 'vew'
cmd.png(fname, quiet)

if re.search("\.png$",fname):
         fname = re.sub("\.png$","",fname)
fname = fname + ".vew"
fname = os.path.expanduser(fname)
fname = os.path.expandvars(fname)
f.write("#View matrix for " + fname + "\n")
st = cmd.get_view(output=3)
return r


This command will use the name that you specify for the png file to also output all of the view matrix to a file that is saved with the .vew extension.  The png file is saved as usual.  This idea could be expanded to save other things to the meta file (object information).


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