Hi All,

I was recently fiddling around with some other Python-executable stuff like SCons and Rosetta, but somewhere down the line, my PyMol installation seemed to have corrupted itself. I was originally using the 64-bit version (with 64-bit Python 2.7.2), but stuff like SCons needed 32-bit, and apparently there was an update out for Python 2.7.3, so I installed that. However, I was unable to open any PDB or PSE or related files anymore; I figured it was because I mixed up the build types when reinstalling Python, so I went and installed the 64-bit version of 2.7.3 and tried to reinstall PyMol. However, I still cannot open files. When I right-click and navigate to Open With..., I can navigate to the PyMol executable, but it never sticks. However, I can open the program fresh from the Python folder. I just can't open it when I click a file. Any ideas on what could be wrong? I'm considering just completely uninstalling all Python and Pymol components and just reinstalling from scratch, but if there's another solution, that would be appreciated.