I use pymol to generate images of simple polymers by loading their coordinates as
.pdb files. The 'polymer .pdb' files contain only alpha carbon coordinates. I connect
them using the ribbon_trace option, and color them by varying b-factors in the .pdb

I had created many different movies and figures this way, and I saved the sessions
as .pse files. Just recently, I went back to view some of these sessions and they just
loaded as blank screens.

I tried creating more images as before - using the ribbon_trace option to connect the
atoms - but it no longer works.

I'm pretty sure I didn't change any options in pymol, so I'm wondering if pymol
somehow updated itself, or some update of my mac airbook affected the pymol
program. Neither of these seems very likely.

What went wrong? Is there a way I can fix this?

A more general question. It seems like there must be a better way to visualise a
polymer, say as a ball an stick image. Is there a more straight forward way of doing
this in pymol?

Thanks, Erik

Erik Nelson

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