I'm trying to use rigimol for the first time.

After creating an object with the 2 states, I run these commands

from epymol import rigimol

It runs for a few seconds, and then, error:

Write-Interpolation>    end
Morph-Error: no rigimol output received!
Saved 'rigimol.inp' for troubleshooting...

I have not attached rigimol.inp. It is too big (600Kb) for this mailing list and I didn't see anything informative.

This is my version of pymol:

 This Executable Build integrates and extends Open-Source PyMOL
 Detected OpenGL version 2.0 or greater. Shaders available.
 Detected GLSL version 1.20.
 Detected 4 CPU cores.  Enabled multithreaded rendering.